Body Psychoanalysis training is a professional training organised by IFPC (Institut Francais de Psychanalyse Corporelle), the French Institute for Body Psychoanalysis.

It is provided by the founder, Bernard Montaud, and a team of trainers, all being practicing Body Psychoanalysts.

Before practicing Body Psychoanalysis, it requires to be experienced for oneself. Therefore, together with a theoretical and practical tuition, this training requires a personal Body Psychoanalysis.

Organisation and planning

The overall length of the training is 5 years, covering the theoretical tuition and how to conduct a Body Psychoanalysis; it doesn't include one's own Body Psychoanalysis.

- 3 years of theoretical and practical training
- 2 years of training on how to conduct a Body Psychoanalysis

Training takes place over 5 weekends per year, together with a week in the summer for the first three years. This comes with up to 10 "5-day courses", depending on the year.

• Overall amount of therotical and practical training: 1100 hours
• An dissertation takes place at the end of the 5 years

In the region of 30 body psychoanalysts (France, Belgium, Switzerland, England) are currently being trained.


A certificate authorising the practice of Body Psychoanalysis is eventually awarded.

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