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The Body Psychoanalysis is an investigation technique founded in the eighties by Bernard Montaud, then a physiotherapist and an osteopath, and his team.
Body Psychoanalysis taps into the memory of our body, which is then verbalised.
It enables us to re-experience past incidents by breaking through seven layers of our body’s memory and to bear witness to the psychic replaying of one’s various traumatisms.
This technique, based on the principle of physical slip-ups (body slips), allows the retrieval of those key traumatisms that shaped our present personality, as well as enabling the re-enactment of those events, leaving no room for misinterpretation.The Aim of Body Psychoanalysis:
  • To access a deep knowledge of oneself
  • To reconcile with one’s history, parents and family
  • To tangibly transform one’s daily life

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